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PPE Face Mask Vending Machine

PPE Face Mask Vending Machine


Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, the health and wellbeing of everyone is paramount.  In response to this, CoreVend have manufactured a range of vending machines which allow both staff and customers access to PPE equipment at any time in a safe environment.

The machines can be adapted to suit whatever configuration of items that are required - from facemasks to hand sanitizer to hand gloves and much more.  All machines are customized to suit the individual site and are fitted with full contactless payment systems which greatly reduce contact with the vending machine.

Telemetry systems fitted with each machine allow full access to all data on the machine - from what item was purchased, when and by whom - to machines requiring a refill and much much more.


Key Benefits

  • Our PPE machines are available in a range of sizes and finishes with all machines customized to suit the individual site
  • Hand Sanitizer, face masks, gloves and much more can be fitted in the machine
  • Standard capacity - 310 Face Masks, 209 Hand Sanitizer and 340 gloves per machine (this can be adjusted dependent on the mix/packaging of the items that are required)
  • Full glass fronted machine with LED lighting showcases the items in a clean and crisp format
  • Capacitive numeric keypad is specifically designed to reduce contact with the machine and the wipe clean flat display ensures there are no nooks or crannies
  • Two standard machine sizes available
  • Jazz - 1830mm x 740mm x 860mm
  • Tango - 1830mm x 890mm x795mm
  • Timed access can be programmed within the machine to reduce sales at certain hours
  • Once fitted with the Nayax card reader, staff can then be given unique cards which fully record all usage of the machine by that user (what was purchased, when etc..).  Different users can be programmed with different access requirements (for example, some staff members can be restricted to taking 2 face masks per day etc..)
  • Telemetry fitted will allow all data to be monitored by the machine owner and adapt access as required at the touch of a button

For more information on our range of PPE vending machines, please call us on the number above or click here to Contact Us